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Unlike other landscaping materials, grass comes on pallets of sod. These pallets are made of wood and are generally 4 ft. by 4 ft. wide. The pallets are constructed in a manner to withhold a good deal of weight, but also to allow maneuverability.  The grass is stacked neatly and uniformly onto the pallets. Pallets

Pallets of SodHow much sod is on a pallet? 

The cost of a pallet of sod is determined by different factors. Not only are there are different types of turf grass, but availability, delivery distance, and quality of the sod can affect the price. A per pallet price on sod can also vary. Some sod farms harvest and ship sod grass with 504 sq. ft. per pallet. Larger and thicker cut sod grass, such as zoysia grass, is sometimes cut on 450 sq. ft. per pallet. The different amounts mainly have to do with weight limitations on how much a sod pallet can weigh. In order for sod farms to deliver sod, they have to stay within weight guidelines on the truckloads of sod. When you buy sod on a pallet, be sure to save it. Wooden sod pallets are easily recyclable, and most Georgia sod farms will buy them back.


 Pallet of Sod CostPallet of Sod

There are many types of sod that comes on a pallet. Bermuda, Zoysia, Fescue, and Centipede sod are all distributed on wooden sod pallets. Most of the time the sod grass is cut into squares, but other it is on rolls. Smaller rolls are able to be packaged onto pallets, however mega rolls have a center core and are a large section of grass rolled onto the cardboard core much like toilet tissue. The square and small rolls of sod can be maneuvered by hand, however the mega rolls will require heavy equipment such as a skid steer.

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