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Bermuda Grass

Bermuda Grass & Types of Sod

For those that are looking to have a luscious green hardy lawn then there may be no better choice than to go with Bermuda grass. To get the desired results one can resort to using Bermuda grass seed but a much quicker and more effective approach is to go with Bermuda Grass Sod.

What is Bermuda grass?

This is the type of grass that is well known for being not only aesthetically attractive but for being hardy. It is a great choice for high traffic areas and is often the first choice for those in the sports industry that have a need for sports turf that is going to be durable and easy to maintain. For those that do not have an immediate need for a usable lawn then Bermuda grass seed is readily available and will produce the desired results over time. However, for those who don’t want to wait but want a grassed area that is immediately ready to be enjoyed then Bermuda grass sod is the best choice.

  How easy is Bermuda Grass Care?

Bermuda grass care is considered to be a simple process. This type of grass requires cutting with the proper mower and keeping it at a consistent height. It requires regular watering. When to aerate Bermuda grass is often a question that many will ask and generally it should be done once a year.

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Bermuda Grass & Types of Bermuda Sod

Many who want that perfect lawn to enjoy want it as quickly as possible and Bermuda grass sod is the solution for this. It is easy to maintain and can be enjoyed as soon as it is laid.

Some Common Questions about Bermuda grass:

  • When To Plant Bermuda grass?
  • What Does Bermuda grass Look Like?
  • Best Fertilizer for Bermuda grass?

These are just an example of the types of questions that those that are interested in Bermuda grass will ask. The answer to these questions and any others that you may have will be fully answered by our experienced representatives here at our Athens Sod Company. We specialize in many different types of sod and grass care including Bermuda grass sod, so call us today so we can assist you in choosing the best lawn products for your specific needs.