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Our local Core Aerating Service offers top notch products and quality lawn services.

  • Core Aerating Will Help Strengthen Grass and Sod Roots.
  • Having your lawn Core Aerated will help Improve the effectiveness of lawn fertilization, and Over Seeding.
  • Core Aeration will also help with watering and lawn drainage. 

Whether you need to over seed your lawn, or just want a healthier lawn, consider using our lawn service to help you with core aeration. This simple and inexpensive lawn maintenance service can help keep your lawn looking good for many years. Proper lawn maintenance will also help prevent common problems such as weeds, drainage issues, and weak grass roots.

Core Aerator

A core aerator is a machine that helps put holes in your lawn. I know it seems a little crazy, but proper drainage and loose soil inhibits grass growth. A compacted lawn is never good for new or existing grass. By using a core aerator service, you can ensure a healthy and beautiful lawn. This lawn care practice is used by both professionals and avid gardeners.  

Lawn Core Aeration

It is best to core aerate in both spring and fall. These are the best times of year to do lawn aeration. The ground is generally softer due to regular rainfall, and the soils tendency to hold moisture. You also get the best results with a core aerator during these seasons. Contact Us Today if you have any questions in regards to Core Aeration. We are happy to help!


Lawn over seeding is a lawn care practice you do after core aerating a lawn. This is when you use a seed spreader to spread grass seed. The newly planted grass seed will take a faster rooting, and will establish better if seed is sown right after lawn core aeration. Common grass seeds used in the Georgia area include, Kentucky 31 Fescue, Rebel Fescue, and Rye grass. These types of grass seeds are inexpensive and do very well in our climate.

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