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Our Athens Plant Nursery offers wholesale prices on all types of landscaping plants. Shade trees such as Oaks, Maples, and Elm trees are all grown locally at our Georgia Tree Farms. If you are in need of privacy, we offer several types of evergreen shrubs and privacy trees. Need to spruce up your flower beds? Our landscape design specialist can help make recommendations on shrub spacing, and the best types of plants to use for the area.

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Types of Flowering Trees – Decorative Trees

Crape Myrtle trees come in different colors and sizes. Natchez Crape Myrtles are white and do grow abundantly here in Georgia. Sioux is a pink crepe myrtle tree that has a pale pink bloom. Most trees can be purchased in many different sizes. Most start in a 7 gallon container and can be as large as a 56″ b&b root ball. Japanese maple trees are another decorative landscaping tree. Bloodgood, Crimson Queen, and Sango Kaku are the most popular types of Japanese Maple trees. Contact Us Today if you need help picking the right tree for your landscaping. We are happy to help!

Evergreen Shrubs – Types of Bushes

Holly shrubs, Azaleas, and boxwoods are found in many Georgia landscapes. These types of shrubs never loose there leaves during winter months, and can be used as focal points in landscaping beds. Tea Olives and Gardenias have a fragrant smell, and small white blooms. Juniper are good for erosion control, and recurve ligustrum make good privacy hedges. No matter what type of plant you are looking for, we are sure to have the best selection at our local Georgia Plant Nurseries.

Fast Growing Trees –¬†Where to Buy Trees

Thuja Green Giant Arborvitae are one of the fastest growing evergreen trees. These trees make excellent privacy buffers. Green Giants can grow two to three feet per year, and can get as large as 30 ft. tall. Tulip poplar is a fast growing type of shade tree. This fast growing shade tree is found growing naturally all over Georgia. Red maple trees such as the October Glory Red Maple are great parking lot trees and provide beautiful fall color.